Design Services

Do you have a rescue that you would like a logo or apparel for? We offer a full line of design services!
Do you want to sell T-shirts, Hoodies, and other apparel to your supporters? Contact Us Today to learn how to Enroll in our Rescue, Love, Support Program!

Package Prices

Love Rescue Support Program

Logo Branded Shirt
*Please note that your logo must be "print ready" to qualify for the free shirt design which means that we need a high quality scalable version
so that we can make sure the print is high quality. See Artwork Instructions for details.

Custom T-shirt Design- Rescue Specific

Rescue Branding


Logo Design


Logo Design
Branded Logo T-Shirt Design.

Logo Design
Branded Logo T-shirt Design
Custom T-shirt Design

*Apparel and printing is not included in package prices.